About Safety Shield

Student and Faculty safety on and around campuses everywhere is one of the most heavily discussed topics every year. college campuses all over the world are plagued with unfortunate events including burglary, rape, assaults, suicides and more. Safety Shield is designed to bring students, faculty and the campus a more effective means to communicate with each other to help alleviate these tragic events.

Safety Shield is a tool providing the most state of the art interface necessary to reduce campus crime and connect students to public services, campus security or campus social workers depending on each situation.

With this simple and effective tool users can report suspicious activities and alert authorities, the campus or other users nearby if they are in distress. Safety Shield streamlines the process of notifying the people who can help with precise details and location to also reduce the time between a call for help and help actually arriving on scene.

Unfortunately, with school shootings and terrorism becoming more frequent in today’s world, a means of alerting potential victims in the ‘danger zone’ without informing a suspect is absolutely essential to saving lives and providing a sense of security. Safety Shield has meticulously thought through these high stress situations and is being developed to assist in these situations to the best of the ability of the technology included in every phone that just about every student and faculty member have on their person more often than any other device or object.

Safety Shield is a social enterprise (L3C) committed to low profits. We are a company founded on the principles that we stand to put purpose over profit.