Possible Scenarios

There are infinite scenarios that have a possibility of occurring where this Safety Shield App could prove to be useful. Most of the following are scenarios that no person would ever hope to be part of but, realistically, things do happen. What we are trying to do with Safety Shield is bring every user a sense of security as well as useful tools to quickly, accurately and efficiently overcome scenarios of urgency.

Scenario 1 – Request an Escort Across Campus

A student, in this case named Jane Smith has requested assistance for an escort across campus, to the admin panel, as indicated by the YELLOW arrow. The admin panel then passes this message on to campus security. The admin panel can then inform Jane smith that the escort is on the way.

Scenario 2 – General Communication

In our second scenario we outline messaging permissions by USER: TYPE. As indicated by the green up and down arrow above students, they can only talk to other students. Faculty and social workers can talk to students too however students can only respond if they are messaged first. Additionally as indicated by the black arrows, faculty and security can talk to anyone that is not a student.

Scenario 3 – SOS Mode

Here, we outline the event of an active threat or SOS alert. In this case a student has identified an active threat or went into SOS mode and alerted the admin. The admin passed this alert back to all students, security, professors, social workers, and faculty. Additionally the admin panel pushes a notification to all emergency services.

Scenario 4 – Weather Alert

A local weather advisory has come into effect. The campus admin software operator has picked up this alert and sent it out to all users on campus. With this alert the admin can send out instructions to follow if the weather is severe enough.

Scenario 5 – Reverse Location Lookup

In this scenario that campus needs to locate a student or staff member for reasons such as intelligence about suicide or homicidal events. From the admin panel, the operator can search for a specific user id and then send a request to the users phone to automatically turn on GPS and send back location to the admin panel.

Scenario 6 – Connecting with a Social Worker

In this scenario, a student is struggling with thoughts of suicide, substance abuse or depression. Through the app’s assistance functionality the user will be able to request assistance from a social worker for themselves or a friend.

Scenario 7 – Medical Emergency

In this scenario a user needs medical attention. Through the home screen of this app the user can hold town the EMS button, once activated will automatically call 911 and alert the admin of your status and location so EMS can more quickly help you.